From time to time I post information that interests me.

There are several videos made by members of the AT&T EasyLink Services Lincroft team in 1993-1994 on the  Videos page (link on the right). The page is password protected – send me an email if you’d like the password.


I enjoy the following podcasts. I use the Downcast podcast app on my iPhone – it allows me to set two skip forward and two skip back intervals to get past ads (my settings are: skip forward 30 seconds and 2 minutes; skip back 15 and 30 seconds).

Fresh Air – Interviews by Terry Gross with just about everyone notable and interesting. She is considered the best interviewer in the business.

StarTalk Radio – Neil DeGrasse Tyson discusses science topics with guests. A comedian is present on each show.

Science Friday – Ira Flato discusses topical issues involving science.

The Tech Night Owl Live – Discussions with subject matter experts focused on Apple (Macs, iPhone, iTunes). Shows are long (~2.5 hours), with a small number of in-depth segments. Frequent ads, be sure to use a podcast app that allows skipping forward/back.

This American Life – Quite interesting, eclectic topics are covered in depth. Many episodes contain diverse stories on a single theme.

A Prairie Home Companion – The 10-15 minute episodes are the humorous monologs about Lake Wobegon from Garrison Keillor’s weekly show. He retired a few months ago but there are over 30 years of monologs still being served (I first heard his show in the early 1980s). Yes, the movie was deadly boring. No, these short looks at life of the residents of this fictitious Minnesota town are not boring, at least to me. There is at least, and usually, several funny bits each episode.

WTF – Comic Marc Maron has in-depth interviews with interesting people, focusing on comedians, musicians, actors, and oh yes, he interviewed Barak Obama a few months ago. The title stands for what you expect, lots of casual profanity. Each segment begins with Marc talking about what he’s up to (which you can skip over), then gets to the interview. Today’s episode (10/17/16) is with David Crosby.